Photographs preserve memories of you and your loved ones that otherwise would be fleeting moments in time. So many of today’s images are digital files that live on computer hard drives or on cell phones, rarely to be seen again. As quickly as techonogy advances, your children or grandchildren may not even be able to access these precious photographs! These special memories should be displayed in your home and become your family's cherished heirlooms.
As a professional photographer, my goal is to provide you with high quality images that will last for generations to come.
Session fees start at $200.00.  I will help you through every step of the process, from setting up your session, capturing your special moments, presenting you with your gallery in a beautiful slideshow, and then finally helping you make your printed selections. I offer collections and a la cart pricing on prints, canvases albums and keepsakes.
Please contact me for more information or to obtain pricing for other types of work.
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